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I am Aether89, and i am from the Province of Québec.

This pages is to serves as a central hub to access my current and past projects. One thing that most of my projects have in common is that they were made to somehow fill a need. Some are quite simple other more advanced but each of them make me proud.


>> Magatama <<

Magatama is a Modern Mag Planner / Calculator for Phantasy Star Online.
This program was conceptualised when i realised that i had the know how to make a improved spiritual sucessor to Mag Farm 0.9.7r2 by James Baxter, which is showing it age.


Fallout 4

>> Pip-Boy Customisation Framework <<

Pip-Boy Customisation Framework aka PBCFwas made to allow to edit the Pip-Boy look directly in-game. It predate the release of the official Bethesda implementation of the idea by a Year an 29 days. Even with the official support of in-game modification for the Pip-Boy this mods still have a purpose as it add Categories to filter paint job, abilities to change each part separetely rather than as a whole, Misc Mods and Dynamics Naming. PBCF only contains textures for the labels and the screens, other textures for the Pip-Boy are available as a separate mods.

>> Pip-Boy Customisation Pack <<

Pip-Boy Customisation Pack aka PBCPWhile Pip-Boy Customisation Pack now require Pip-Boy Customisation Framework it actually predate it by 6 Month and 20 Days. Intitialy it was called Pip-Boy Customisation as it allowed to modify some parts of the Pip-Boy and served as a base for other to build on; However, i soon retooled it into the Pip-Boy Customisation Pack so that the basic Framework to modify the Pip-Boy would be it own thin and wouldn't require to download the rextextures i had made.

Fallout : New Vegas

Vault-Tec Loading Wheel

While it actually is my third mod for Fallout: New Vegas, this is the only one that remain under my name. The idea was born when i realised that the default Roulette Loading wheel for Fallout: New Vegas was similar to the Vault-Tec Logo and if simply replaced the wheel part it would be a perfect match.

Project Nevada Patches / Project Nevada - Extra Options

Whiles these mods two mods aren't develloped by me but by Gribbleshnibit8, i played a part in the history of the Project Nevada DLC Patches. I originally had made small patchs to add Project Nevada Functionality to the DLC and then Gribbleshnibit8 improved on them. Nowadays the only trace of my involvement into these dlc patches is the Visor Overlay Textures for Salt-Upon-Wound's.

The Elder Scrolls IV: OBLIVION

Mage of the Arena

This is my first mod ever. I made it when i had enought of being forced to wear a light or Heavy armor in the Imperial City Arena and wanted to be able to wear a mage robes while fighting as a mage. While not the only mods to add that functionality it is the only one at the time that when you selected the Mage Raiments you would have a voiced reactions by Owyn and Ysabel. Also at install it offer you two meshes options a custom edit of the vanilla mage robes to have the gloves and sandal of the Light Raiment made by me or the Mage Robe from Mage Equipments by Aknevrec.


BGS Files - File Explorer Sorting

While hosted on the Fallout 4 Nexus it is used to assign Custom Icons and help sort ESM, ESP, ESL, BSA & BA2 files. *Without these edit ESL are grouped with ESP.


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